Women, Family and the Russian Revolution

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Women, Family and the Russian Revolution
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We are very excited to announce the release of Women, Family and the Russian Revolution, by John Roberts and Fred Weston.

Paperback, WellRed Books 2023
The book looks into the measures that the Bolsheviks took to emancipate women, some of which have not even been gained in some advanced capitalist countries today. Ultimately, the material changes needed to emancipate women beyond formal equality were very difficult to push forward in an isolated, semi-feudal country, and the rise of the bureaucracy out of these conditions would lead to the strengthening of the family unit and major restrictions on women's rights. This meant the measures the Bolsheviks had enacted at the beginning of the Revolution were being ripped away. The book ends with a look into the degradation imposed on women in Russia by capitalist restoration, concluding that only a socialist revolution can finally achieve women's emancipation.
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Author John P. Roberts & Fred Weston
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