The Iranian Revolution 1979 and 2009

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The Iranian Revolution
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Softcover, 24 pages
We reproduce here two articles by Alan Woods that provide a Marxist analysis of the 2009 revolutionary events in Iran. These articles also present a way forward for the workers, women, youth, and other oppressed layers of Iranian society.

We are also republishing "The Iranian Revolution," an article written by Ted Grant in 1979, which analyzes the revolutionary events of that year. It presents the revolution as it truly was: a workers’ revolution that, in the absence of a clear, far-sighted revolutionary leadership, was hijacked by a clique of reactionary, fundamentalists, who far from establishing the “Democratic Muslim Republic” that they promised, have ruled and exploited the Iranian working masses with an iron-fist for the past thirty years.

These documents deserve serious study by all dedicated revolutionaries, both in Iran, the U.S., and around the world.
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Author Alan Woods & Ted Grant
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